Saturday, July 10, 2010

Was very busy girl today!

Here are more teaser pics of new clothes coming. There are 3 other outfits not shown. One in purple one in slate black and one in HOT red. :) am up to 10. Goal 100 outift will go fast at this rate. If where to do 10 a day is less than 2 weeks finished. O.o... But, formal stuff will take longer to do. Maybe one a day. Either way should make deadline of Sept 1. (unless I have to move) Also soon won't have to stay home on weekends for not going places. But still broke so will have to find ways to manage that. Also found out Blogger has limit on photos so See MinkaMade2 sometime next spring lol. Same for my flicker account. Is almost full.

Ran into hate again today while shopping. Persons called me DUDE. Said to them they were rude and got laugh at. And not wanting to jeapordize Minka account let slide but was burning and will not forget names. Mmm. Some person volunteered to be body guard on field trips. May just take up on that so not get into trouble more. Am not a dude. Was called it by punky little kid "thing" and then by wanna be tough girl named pony face whose Boyfriend who was iming me. Which was funny to me. Send me dollars for new computer with mic system and I show you "dude". x.x, Dumbasses. Why people feel is ok be mean like that to anyone here? Is not right. Took down my profile picture as someone said I was ugly. That hurt. My skin is to thin maybe think. If was real life be pulling hair out in say 3-2-1 sec. Ha. ( have done that too.)

deep breathe.

Mute is your friend. :)
oh Mr Mute hunny bunni, see those idiots? -pause- Sic em.


(PS fixed that boot. Prim was to thin and skin fliker through, maybe because computer is cheap and running on ultra low. Or maybe was set to thin so I fix. Just in case.)