Saturday, July 17, 2010

Want to recap week.

Is now 7 days. (in maybe 2 hrs) since started making new inventory. Finished 43 outfits in this time. If and is big if, lots depends on move date if actually happens, should finish the imposed 100 outfits in about 2.5 weeks. If can keep coming up with new ideas. That means all on track. Wil be done last week July first few days of Aug. This gives me a week to box them all up and make adapters. And make ready for displays. (displays are made. Just need artwork) Also have been looking at other sims (not busty sims) and finding whats best and whats not to bring to the tropolis.
Need ideas for gothic underworld though. Am light on this area. Will go "browsing" later. Will make maybe one more outfit tonight yet. Then stop as am really tired of making them. lol. sorry is true. Although some have turned out so nice Want show off very bad. Mmm.
--Phatpharm is set and ready. Outside vendors contact me after sim opens. Manager for Phat pharm will be announced on opening day. Not want jump gun there. Still holding to 8 major vendor buildings. Must be very good and breast related or high end clothes. Pregnant place Called PoPs as was told today in meeting with Ciera Spyker. Her building is done and she finish it once sim is set, she says easy. Still need fishtank or lead on tank. Also any furniture is appreciated.
--Rentals - will be 8 rental homes on sim Perks include own TP in spot. Own boobi Flyer to get around so not wait on taxi. Sim will be no fly so own TP and flyer important. Do not worry about getting around as have invested lots in people movers, flying jet cars, and hover chairs. Not a problem. :)
Firework show.- Will have weekly fireworks shows and need person to handle this. Must be regular as clockwork so good attendence required. Sim workers. - will have lots of place to perform or act. Sidewalk acts encouraged- tip jars allowed. No cut to sim on these.
--The Rocket. Since no one has made the right presentation for the club, i Minka will run it with assistance from 2 others. Applications to dance will begin day sim is purchased. New new avies allowed to work as staff and dancers but not in management. Must have known you since Have been around to manage. Club splits as usual. Will run events specials and attractions.
--Ballroom. - yes built small ballroom for romantic dancing. Would love manager or caretaker of this. Send me notecard.
--Tron Track is not done. Cannot finish till in final resting spot. Will be last thing made.
Dungeon master/mistress - Position is filled believe need talk to person to be sure. Avatar Madame Miami donated a lot of RLV equipment to me in exchange that allow futa play. Said of course is ok. So that is set to go.
Next is City Council and PD department. Maybe expect to much but could be lots fun if we make work. yes?
wow, this one is wide open, depends on clan or coven or? who decides to make own. All must rememeber that all answers to Leviathin. Once you see you will know. hihi. (has been upgraded since first built) :) Again this should be somewhat breast related or size, shape shift in some form. Furries and non humans allowed. Vampires and lycan allowed too. Battle for underworld and have fun!

NO HATE on sim for size, shape, or choice of look. Instant sim ban if hear after one warning only.

Boobytropolis will be safe haven. Only thing not allowed is child/ageplay. PoPs has been told that due to very nature that care must be taken to not go to far or will delete it with no questions. See Ciera Spyker for more information or rules.

Once sim is ready can begin final power grid installations. Very detailed you will see, persons I showed preview to will be amazed how will change it looks. Hope one and all come enjoy the sim and play. From Doc Grow LAB to dancers at Rocket to interactive display at Museum of breasts should be much fun for all. Ty to those who have helped so far or contributed items. Have 60,000L left to spend on sim and then that is all can affford. Should be enough as all need is furniture (lots though - 8 rentals plus 2 loft pens plus small nook fun spots and then the terminal lounge. is lots right there. 90K go very fast. Want good stuff not cheapy, 12 abiss couches are? MMmm expensive)

hugs to all!