Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi everybody! Let us hope Bart makes it today!

Yes today was day we were going to get new update. As of one hr ago inworld I not see it but who knows. Maybe will happen. Am sure when does everyone will be poorer fast. :) hihi. I may even buy a set over my tried and dearly loved Ecorps. We will see. Today is last day for Boobtropolis in its rented sim sandbox. Am finished making most all big big parts. Only small detail pieces left now. I start clothes next week if find I not move this weekend. Am waiting for phone call and ticket.

Other news. Hmm, Beshine has new pictures out. OMG the woman is big! In good way. Maybe I should let someone do same to me? Was asked once to be next minka/chelsea but turned down. But maybe is not bad idea? The life seems would be rough maybe though if not good support at home place. I keep with school and work summer job. Think better long range. Still. One can only imagine the life. I turn legal to drink in only couple months. yeah! \0/ so maybe live some before changing to much yes? haa.

/me waves to few people. People tell me read my blog! Wow. Am kinda shocked, Do it lots just for way to keep thoughts straight. I go "Now what do next? What did blog say? Oh yes, need make that because I said so." haha Yes I do that for real. Am such scatter chicken head.

Um, need sell clothes soon. Need buy few big ticket items for sim but only if I make some money to pay for them. So far best deal on sim I got is 80K a month which is good deal as looked around. I not have cash to buy one myself is 1000!!!!!! eek. thats usd not linden. I can buy used was told but is used good? I would need make account full as well. Not sure Am good enough to support all that on my own. Still have lots self doubts and am amazed anytime anyone buys something of mine. (Yes again I do that. Know should not, but do.)

Still need manager host for ROCKET. All else is now covered by people wanting to work on boobytropolis. Bad part is must make two more groups for me to manage. Sim vendors and SIM rentals. 25 groups is not enough. Was told make Minka2 but she could not work the land think. Yes no? Do not know. Do know love seeing sim stats and how many scripts we use just walking or standing around. Got self down to .095 total from a start point of 4.567 Resize scripts are the worst! Please delete resize scripts once your fixed. You do all favor. Then I not have yell over loudspeaker announcement on sim. "Clears throat" ahem "WILL MISS BIG BOOBY IN WHITE by the MAIN ELEVATOR PLEASE REMOVE HER SKIRT! thank you." Chuckle. ( Will if have too. Bought sim wide announcer that wear like popstar. Is so cool! hihi.)

Need City council members too. Also. Open for position application to be the one and only Doctor Grow in the LAB. If interested send experience and notecard, err on notecard to me inworld. Write attention DR GROW.

Creatures of night. You will have place too. Sharpen fangs and pointy nails. you have fun place to be too. (boob related too but not mandatory)
I go now. Type to much and just got yelled at real life. 21 hurry up I need own home SOON!!!! lol