Saturday, July 10, 2010

#3/4 outfits finished Here is one...

Show you one just finshed up. Is set as your pull over sweater you stole from boyfriend. hihi. To bad for him as now all stretchd out if Like me!
Made it on following levels. Standard AV wear (everyone) Busty top / Shirt layer/ Jacket layer and Pants layer so no excuse not having way to wear it morning after. Not forget own pants or walk of shame is even longer! (Knows first hand DO NOT ASK)

Here picture is. Forgot was wearing old armbands. They are not included in set but the all new bangle jewelry MinkaMade today is. :) Am trying to refine look for sharpness. Notice creases under Bustline top. All is new for me and will be standard now on. Also have just the BRA as layer too. May throw in as part of model kit. hmmm, FYI, No model airplane glue incl. :)
Panties optional... just saying you might want to wear them, or maybe not if your lucky.