Saturday, July 24, 2010

2011 - NewAge pink casual dress.

Very good close up detail on this. Print transfered good to SL from photoshop. :) Also has the all new belts and bangles included on this one. Need do a punky neko next for other bangles in inventory now. Was not sure would like this one but once finished it is very good looking easy to wear, (no laggy stuff) Belt will have new scripted resize installed for easy fit but PLEASE delete once sized right for all peoples sake.

Boobytrop0lis will be busy so all work make livable. Myself too. Our breasts not make much lag as did tests. Will have to test barts new breasts to see if simular. My AV with ecorp boobies runs at .259 ms Which is real good for persons -shoes/hair on too! One person came on sim when was testing and had over 6.600 all by self. eeek
Put other way. Sim is given 22.000 MS to use. Once MS gone things must stop for other things to work. One person use 6.000 MS is using more sim power than say, gosh. umm say .300 per divided by 22 = 6.6 people. S0 six people equaled that one. make sense? (think outloud sorry)
Put this way too. people at 6.000 is only like 3.5 people on whole sim before it stops/starts. versus, 18 people for others. Bare avatars, as in nothing attached can be as little as .050 So could put MANY of them on lot but they would be uglies so. inbetween somewhere is equal place. Once sim is open if want know how you score may ask me and can check. Found one hair of mine was horrible and now see how feel lag when wear versus others. (to bad as liked it too)

And with this last post Minka goes sleep standing up. Zzzzzzz lol. hugs. ttyl!

ps - 80 done.. :)