Thursday, July 29, 2010

OH NOES who killed SL just now!??

Had 45 minutes to login to go buy furinture and set up offer to get sim and cannot do anything. Website and world is dead. Knew it, soon as Minka is done and ready poof, it all goes away. :(

Have located really neat furniture pieces for terminal lounge area plus pieces to go in store. Am extra not happy as was going to make a twin off sim prim mega building out of sculpt. grrr. Also need finish a few med items was in work.

Drew out some wild latex things while on bus this morning to store and back. Sure person next to me thought was crazy. haa. Since no fashion rules apply can be a crazy as want to be with this.

/me taps her fingertips and wonders how long to wait for second life today to go spend what little has left.
Oh got fish tank. Someone gave me link to place called XEN (zen?). Had just the perfect item. Look around and think maybe should sell more stuff of mine than just clothes. Not in store though. Maybe make xstreet box.
/me twiddles fingers more. Have been biting lip all morning worried about new sim and all problems to make run. Never made land cuts for space in air so will have to layout blocks and lower to ground to cut out around. (rental houses and the 8 vendor stores plus ROCKET)
/me runs hands through hair and makes sad noise. Will make groups today. will send out notecard in minkamade if want to join.

/me snarls.
This is it. Bye bye. will make a outfit in spare time. hihi.