Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I drank more Mt dew. And this happened! Super Heroine The WASP.

Yes. She is (or you can be) The WASP. Shes got deadly pointy things that can inject serious grow venom into you. Fear the WASP! hiihii (Heerr Derr, Men have pointy things that if injected into you you seriously can grew too! Meeep, now that is funny yes?) Here are pictures and all at Flicker (bottom of page here for links)
That is ALL for the Night. (Am yawning lots)
PS other small item done too, So am now at 20 outfits done. Only 80 to go. Not bad for starting sunday night. Send me more pepsi or mt dew! Be done in no time. (why am shaky so much lol)