Sunday, July 25, 2010

ONLY 7 OUTFITS to MAKE to reach goal.

Have but 7 more to do. actually 5, yes made 100 outfits in 17 days. Tired. Eyes buggy. Hope is worth it and all like. Also decided will included Bunnihop and BE Girl from last year.

Those and only two want to include in new 2011 lineup. NO, repeat NO special limiteds ever offered again from past. Bunni and BEgirl where not limiteds. But personally like so much want them in 2011 store. Is my store they so can be hihi.
Loved busty nurse too but think can redo it and be better so will take that action instead later on in monthly updates.
Yes MinkaMade stock will rotate. Will not kill self doing it but store will not be stillwaters. (Can see new store is going to be to small already. groan.)

Now tonight wil be major brain push and work to do remaining 7. Please not bother or be upset if not reply or talk. Want a look? drop a notecard ASAP
This is plan.
Plans change.
but roadmap laid out and is good. When complete the upper sets will start boxing. is very close now. Can hear train in tunnel not just see it.


Boobytropolis is almost here! \o/ yeah. (be afraid?) hihi.