Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just heard of horrid idea

Just saw on TMZ, is show called K-Town. Is very sad please not watch. Jersey Shore bad enough. This only make life harder than is. sigh. What is wrong with people? But then I geek who works nonstop, no one want make film of my life. Mmm. /me goes back to work on 3 outfits for today. Did like the BE layout made last night? hihi. Was actually fun making but was so tired that fell asleep on keyboard once trying to produce.
Today is Corset day, Make 3-4 for sure. Also will make base layout for Tshirt with wrinkles and such for 10 item funny saying product line. :) That one will be fun. Should have #60 of my 100 done by tomorrow night with luck. Am alone today lots so can not be bugged by family. Am mad my tickets did not show up to fly. Am ready to just tell them go away. But gaming companies vey crazy so maybe is how works.

hugs - off to make clothes