Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ARTWORK is done! whew.......

Started after come home today at 6:30 PM is now. 5:00 AM. Worked nonstop to finish all boxes and posters and gallery items. All is done. \o/ No idea how happy makes me. hihi.

Now really long dull part. Need put all items into each box and set to sale and inventory it. To bad not have LM to boobytropolis but, If you bought already know how to find! lol. So am done for now. Am so tired in brain that can not see well. Really. Must take small break. Thought long hard tonight while drudge through make art panels about how run Rocket. Think best is to market it but let club run self like escort places do have checked on. Any bust or high slider girl can dance as long as has the club tag on and logins to the tip system. Would still love to have full time house manger but for now will split time between there and sim. Have watched escort city and is constant people and lookers. Think Boobytropolis can be same. Mostly though want have fun and see people wear clothes of MM. Not sim full of do nothing people.

I go now take break. Maybe try to start boxing later today. Once all boxed. That is it. Time to buy sim and set up and open. Tunnel train is very close now! Whoooooooowhoooooooooooooo. hihi.

PS will always have things to fix so not be hard on sim opening day ok yes? ty.
Oh. darn. just remembered need make Doc Grow outfit and labcoat outfit.
see, never done. lol.
Vendors NOW is time to ask about rentals.