Friday, April 22, 2011

Summertime outlet store is open

Made setup a part time store for summer months. Am not really making clothes again (although may make one or two) and discounted the entire inventory some. You can find the sim in search - minkamade. or easier in my slworld profile in my PICKS.

Everything is out except those special items and some of the customs and limited limteds, those are still and will remain history.
All the Busty, preggie, and size avatars are out as well. Went into the preggie stuff and made items in the boxes mod enabled. There seems be big increase in preggie related stuff lately and may make a few sculpted bellies in Max to sell, or contract out. (sculpt versions, I dont know whats happened to mesh introduction)

Schools about out for now, but am taking a summer course or two in more modeling.
Maybe will have time now to box up some of the boobytropolis stuff to put on marketplace. Time is so tight. Sorry for being gone so long.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Long time on road.

Is sunny in california! Am sorry not have time to blog like used too. Real life time is so full now as suspected. Not time to do much else. Had great sushi in San Diego yesterday. Also went to Oceanside beach and tried to feed seals. Tomorrow is meeting day and lessons. Will try to get a computer to come inworld to check stuff asap. /me waves.

PS will be in San Fransisco to visit friend but then long long drive back to Denver, is like 25 hrs.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It snowed in denver last night.

It was like 70 degrees on monday and now today is like 35. brrr. It SNOWED hard yesterday afternoon too. Was on colfax street a while in tshirt tuesday morning and now its winter coats.
Have invite to go visit Pixar Studios in carlsbad ca.(?) in 2 weeks. Am really excited. With luck who knows. My internet is poor wireless now. Can not login and do much more than stand. Miss most of you but real life is taking off now and would not have any time to work as had suspected.

Second Life display names - good bad? and now a safeguard?

Here is link to new product. I not endorse or say must buy but maybe you should read and see what is going on in second life and its new name policy.

Again I do not endorse this am just passing it along for you to make up own mind on. As is stand now in SL you can now be anyone. As much as miss many of you i see this as one more reason not to invest heavy until things are worked out.

As it now stand I can register any of your names and pretend to be you. This is wrong but am sure it will be done.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I begin new mesh work now today.

I say no more on that. Pics and fun only items from now on.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wireless internet SUCKS!

Thats all have to say. Am in motel room now stuck. Wind is howling outside and can not get going till later in day. Am totally bored. Took forever to get this post made. Tried sl and crash after like 1.5 minutes everytimes. So. will report more later when get to stable connection. As feared my access is going to be limited for while. sigh.
Please not forget me! Feel lost already. Has sad face. :(
SEND me pictures so we have stuff to look at! email me or send inworld. email better right now.