Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party pics from Sunday!

I was sent these pictures from the party on sunday at Briana W's place! It was lots of fun and I thank all. Some decided to let loose and go big as all where friends about. Here are pictures!

Just a reminder I close out the store and all inventory at midnight friday! I need move sunday morning rl so not able to sort if do sat night. (plus rent goes negative sat morning so must return sim friday night)

Friday, April 23, 2010

PornStarParis M sent in her workout photos

I got these a couple days ago but have been so busy getting ready to close down I forgot them. I think those are older Multi implant nations implants. (the rings are a giveaway.) TY Paris.

Send in your photos and be seen

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I made a Simple MySpace page.

Here is URL http://www.myspace.com/minkamade

you can talk and post there! Message me too.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fact needs to be cleared up!

MinkaMade closes May 1. All items will be discontinued and not restocked in fall. (gone for good) Not discounted prices. I saw post on Maggies blog and needed to clarify that. Hi maggie!

I will make new sim in fall called Boobytropolis! It will be the place to be in SL big bust industry. That is plan I hope at least. :)
Watch Blog and group for more information the next few months. I already have Rikki (roommate/lolo serrari) and me sketching layouts and designs. Feel free to express ideas as now is time. I want to make like game layout with fun and excitment.


I might make myspace or facebook page for this, but not sure.

Make requests. So far I get following.
= busty clothes of course
= regular av clothes section on xstreet
= fat girl section with sculpts and clothes
= pregnant section with sculpts and clothes
= giantess section with sculpts and clothes and breasts
= sculpted breasts and clothes to match for minkamade onlys.
= regular av dancer addons (secret can not tell!)
= sculpted bodyparts and heads
= sculpted or mesh avatar for clothes models. move and static like robots.
= statues of all of above
= shoes
= wings
= vampires parts and role play equipment.
= one stop stores ( I think is called prefabs?)

all this and more. I need sleep lots to save up energy. Goal is to debut 100 new outfits on opening day. ( I hope I can do it )

So you see, Need whole sim to hold all this imagination stuffs. I thinking will quarter it off and go from there. Am thinking outloud now, things will change am sure. As you see I be very very busy and brainfried so no drama please.

Minka Pearl

Had a little fun today for once.

I took my ninja bike to the race track and unmuted Johnne after he promised to be nice. Since my puter sucks let him drive and managed to snap these two pics before he launched me into the stratosphere on corner. ( I crashed and logged)
I post more pics of fun stuff and boobs together this summer. This blog not stop. Maybe I evn be brave and post me. ( maybe not )
Here is (are?) pictures.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some drama filled days lately.

As most know I'm going to start internship in may. MinkaMade will close for the summer starting May1. I will hope to reopen a new sim and store in mid September which will encompass much more than just MinkaMade.
Cannot say more as I give away the surprise. I had attack by person on my own group other day and felt was much out of line. But that is life as I was told this person runs store that competes with MinkaMade. Whether true or not I really not care. I do not hold grudge and will be civil and nice.
Why people be that way I do not know.
I have received many requests for new products. Just today in email I got a request to make line of sculpted pregnancy bellies. I can try this out and maybe make sculpted pregnancy clothes to match. Also will finish the MinkaMade breast implant line and hope have ready in Sept too. Make requests now and I make lists of items to do when I return. Email me at minkapearl@yaho.com
I will try to keep MinkaMade in my thoughts all summer along with everyone else. I had hoped to keep it open but valid questions were raised on inventory.
Effective May 1 all clothes in stock will be discontinued. I will not restock them next fall. They have been around long enough. Longer than some should have been.
I have enjoyed working with you. Many things need to be learned by new customers. Like editing linked parts. texture colors and more. Help each other out.
MinkaMade will reopen in the fall in a way not ever imagined. (assuming LL does not mess up SL to much in the meantime)

hugs and kisses
Minka Pearl

Saturday, April 10, 2010

rhinestones and black velvet

New outfit out tonight. I thought I would whip something up so as not to be a complete absent person. Here is Rhinestones. Good for busty and non busty avatars.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Since I'm moving in real life from school back home.

You may have noticed things have stopped for a while at MinkaMade. I won't have time to work on clothes like I have been a I start a internship for the summer months.

I also decided to add some eye candy to page with free video clips of other girls like me. I will change this as much as possible.

Sorry about the sound, I have no control over it. It made me jump the first time And I bet you did too! lol.

Send me photos! Lets make this a fun page to watch.

hugs from Minka.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun time for MinkaMade customers.

Pornstarparis M. sent in these photos goofing off before easter with mr Peeps. Notice one peeper is a peeping tom! O.o - (Want to be featured here? Just send me your photos and I'll post them. Is that simple. email or inworld.)

Pink Frills - bra and panty set

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conservative Suit type look.

"Suits Me" is out now, and while not real suit is dressed down compared to say, NightWalker outfit! 0.O Outift has avtop busty top pants and av skirt. Plus bangles earrings and neatly matched boots... In store now.