Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some drama filled days lately.

As most know I'm going to start internship in may. MinkaMade will close for the summer starting May1. I will hope to reopen a new sim and store in mid September which will encompass much more than just MinkaMade.
Cannot say more as I give away the surprise. I had attack by person on my own group other day and felt was much out of line. But that is life as I was told this person runs store that competes with MinkaMade. Whether true or not I really not care. I do not hold grudge and will be civil and nice.
Why people be that way I do not know.
I have received many requests for new products. Just today in email I got a request to make line of sculpted pregnancy bellies. I can try this out and maybe make sculpted pregnancy clothes to match. Also will finish the MinkaMade breast implant line and hope have ready in Sept too. Make requests now and I make lists of items to do when I return. Email me at
I will try to keep MinkaMade in my thoughts all summer along with everyone else. I had hoped to keep it open but valid questions were raised on inventory.
Effective May 1 all clothes in stock will be discontinued. I will not restock them next fall. They have been around long enough. Longer than some should have been.
I have enjoyed working with you. Many things need to be learned by new customers. Like editing linked parts. texture colors and more. Help each other out.
MinkaMade will reopen in the fall in a way not ever imagined. (assuming LL does not mess up SL to much in the meantime)

hugs and kisses
Minka Pearl