Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fact needs to be cleared up!

MinkaMade closes May 1. All items will be discontinued and not restocked in fall. (gone for good) Not discounted prices. I saw post on Maggies blog and needed to clarify that. Hi maggie!

I will make new sim in fall called Boobytropolis! It will be the place to be in SL big bust industry. That is plan I hope at least. :)
Watch Blog and group for more information the next few months. I already have Rikki (roommate/lolo serrari) and me sketching layouts and designs. Feel free to express ideas as now is time. I want to make like game layout with fun and excitment.


I might make myspace or facebook page for this, but not sure.

Make requests. So far I get following.
= busty clothes of course
= regular av clothes section on xstreet
= fat girl section with sculpts and clothes
= pregnant section with sculpts and clothes
= giantess section with sculpts and clothes and breasts
= sculpted breasts and clothes to match for minkamade onlys.
= regular av dancer addons (secret can not tell!)
= sculpted bodyparts and heads
= sculpted or mesh avatar for clothes models. move and static like robots.
= statues of all of above
= shoes
= wings
= vampires parts and role play equipment.
= one stop stores ( I think is called prefabs?)

all this and more. I need sleep lots to save up energy. Goal is to debut 100 new outfits on opening day. ( I hope I can do it )

So you see, Need whole sim to hold all this imagination stuffs. I thinking will quarter it off and go from there. Am thinking outloud now, things will change am sure. As you see I be very very busy and brainfried so no drama please.

Minka Pearl