Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guess who made number one fashon mistake at FUGLY?

Yes, I well loved as am becoming vocal about this hate site for prim boobs. I say take it to them and their home location inworld. Ban and AR everyone of the editors and guard yourselfs. I for one will begin the most boring or bland avatars blog.
Am I wrong for being spiteful? Maybe. But they posted my picture full well knowing reaction so they get it back. We know that life is to be fun not living in fear of what others think all times.
Here is link! scroll down...

I not some dumb girl who you can pick on so easy. My English is not so good but I get message across.
My fanboi Manticore also is put in love!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new group of interest to us (ok to me)

Its called Farangdingdong girls and on my groups list. I call friends to join and thank Mandi for telling about it. I invite owner of group to have fun with it. Look up in search or use my profile. Happy New Years early case you do not get back here. I be out sneaking corner bar where I can. Have fun.

Btw I think one box in NOTME! set was missing one arm cuff I found left over. If buy it let me know I can send it to you. It only fits the arm its missing from.
hugs from Minka.

EVIL TWINS out now.

I bought rights to this outfit and made it into fun little thing to play mistress - slave with. Is full outfit hat to boots. Everything except hair and you. Only 100L while I feel like it. Stop by today ok? EVIL TWINS is perfect for simple roleplay. Gas mask has particles and Darth vader sound too!

Here photos.

Also tonight I finished a set of 12 all new skirts and belts. Yeah! So look forward to more variety from MinkaMade. Don't forget to send in your standup photos! Email to me Maybe one gets pictured here even? If ok with you I will. (Must be wearing MinkaMade clothes though.)

LM trader board is up outside store as well. All I need is LM and logo from you and a return link to me at your place. thats all! No clothing stores though, sorry. Is dog eat cat out there.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 more outfits since last post.

First is BumbleBEE Is downstairs and is 30 day only limited edition. Here are the photos. It full outfit head to toe all in matching yellow and black. BZzzzzzzz

Next up is HelloPussy. ( I do not like the P word that well but I was told not to use kitty.) I modified a few things here and there and made it as cute as possible. The sculpted mini fits better than the prim miniskirt insert but I forgot to take a picture of it. Both are included in boxes. About boxes. ONLY 6 boxes for this production. All are upstairs and ready be given a warm home on your chest. (I just made that up, sorry)

Here are HelloPussy pictures.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I have Landmark directory on store site now.

If you want to exchange Lms to store (And we are a match in some way.) send me your request and information in a note. Im's will never get through. Alread 2 of 9/12 spots are filled. So act quickly. (lm is in my picks inworld on profile)

NippleTastic in purple today.

Nippletastic is fantastic. Is priced at only 300L and is being sold for 30 days. (jan 28) Comes with matching bikinipants AND with sportspants and miniskirt sculpt. so you can wear two ways. Full outfit head to toe. Color matched shirts pants shoes cuffs and collars. I added bonus touch with tied collars around ankle cuffs. Very cute.
Here is photos. (then I sleep.)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today Midday I give you "Slip of Nip".
Comes in three busty tops from full covered to almost showing nipple. You choose how to wear. I include all three tops. Also has usual shoes, earring, belts, cuffs, miniskirt insert etc all color coded to match. Limited production 30 days. only 350each.

Ideas just keep happening! Futuretech!

Here is Futuretech Series Black/pink.
Comes in both pants (with prim leg parts) short sculpted skirt and glitch pants. The long pants use new prim pockets as seen notice below. The top is ever slighty see thru so you can just make out the curve of your breasts inside. Head to toe outfit also has cute HAT to go with. Again see photo! ONLY 6 boxes total on this. New items won't be recyced like a few older ones were to restart store. Already have condemed a few to linden grave yard forever.

See the cute hat below? Only comes with outfit. Not sold seperate.
ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BOXES ! Take them if originals!
ON sale in LOWER LEVEL (run out room on top) O.o eeek.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Made a new shirt/top combo "Crossthreaded"

"Cross Threaded" Simple shirt/busty top with added Bikini pants thrown in along with shoes earrings and so on. Only 200L The half arms with cuffs are cute.
Here are photos, Its 30 day limited run. expires Jan 26 10.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Later today I begin making sculpts for breast parts.

I have few ideas that I want try. I know can attach parts to own breasts but teach customers do it is to much. I try to design entire breast systems from scratch, simple "just wear" item that can be swapped for different looks or feels.

Is hard to explain. Some is been done so I need think of new twist. Others have no done yet so I keep secret till ready. Will take much much work and fitting. Maybe not profitable to do? I need be careful I not neglect new items. I have store well outfitted now. But come middle month of Jan everything down stairs will cycle out goodbye. Don't asume all will be forever. Notice Army Brat is gone. Is to bad was cute outfit I thought. But is back inventory again. Maybe forever.
I now have over 110 outfits in inventory I make. If do one a day is 365 a year. Much to many?
I need learn to better my work. We all benefit then. I need digital camera badly. Santa not bring one. :( . Then could do own clothes designs and take pictures. I look around maybe find way cheap yet.
If I busy in studio make sculpts I can not talk is very detailed work. I try not be rude but I won't be talk much.

Merry christmas All.
XOXO Minka
/me winks to special persons.

New outfit for you today!

Here is "Work of Art" Full outfit head to toe.

Limited 6 boxes sale only. Is upstairs at store.

Also am still taking photos of you to make standup around city. Just send me clear big picture of you with little background. I make and send you one copy too!

PS merry christmas too!

hugs From Minka!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Whooo first sets of sculpts done tonight in tests.

After session with the teacher I got making new things right away. First I made pillars outside of new studios doors and entrance to MinkaMade store. But more interest is quick set sculpted boobs I made. They are far perfect but I liked the way the nipple area turned out like Minkas. I will work more on them. Here is photos.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Made big leap today!

I attended the first of many sculpt classes after buying a new sculpt studio. Yes, I have sculpt studio now. Many things planned for us, it will be while I see before I make anything worth using.
I intend on making entire outfits and accessories along with breastastic furniture and more! I excited but tired now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NEW FLICKER group for Busty Girls!!!

I make flicker picture group for all of us. Is here.
come add your photos!

Also New outfit. Called
"Cool Blue"

Here are photos!

Hat included in this.
limited 30 days sales.

Aqua Fresh Start tonite... very smexy I was told.

Aqua fresh Is on sale now. Has nice side cutout to show skin as well as your curves up front! ha ha. (side cutout was hard to match! whew!)
Here are photos
Its a 30 day limited run only
Come WITH Big hat, shirts, sport pants, undies, busty top (of course), shoes, and cuffs & collars. Its downstairs now. Merry christmas now I wish in case I snowed in become today, lose power and freeze to death. (not kid you.) :)
hugs Minka.

New outfit on stand tonight

Heres a peek. It is called Classy Kuts.

Limited to only 6 boxes, it is upstairs at the store.
The Tattoo is included as well.