Wednesday, December 30, 2009

EVIL TWINS out now.

I bought rights to this outfit and made it into fun little thing to play mistress - slave with. Is full outfit hat to boots. Everything except hair and you. Only 100L while I feel like it. Stop by today ok? EVIL TWINS is perfect for simple roleplay. Gas mask has particles and Darth vader sound too!

Here photos.

Also tonight I finished a set of 12 all new skirts and belts. Yeah! So look forward to more variety from MinkaMade. Don't forget to send in your standup photos! Email to me Maybe one gets pictured here even? If ok with you I will. (Must be wearing MinkaMade clothes though.)

LM trader board is up outside store as well. All I need is LM and logo from you and a return link to me at your place. thats all! No clothing stores though, sorry. Is dog eat cat out there.