Thursday, December 17, 2009

tonight I find HATE site that attacks prim boobs.

Its on the web and they think they are the end of all ends in fashion and judgments. They can suck my breast. Here is list of people to add to your land Ban lists.

Kaput CalamityAlicia Chenaux Spudgy DeanMeara DeschanelGauge LavilleEmilee Magic Tristan MichelinePersephone PaineAsthenia PinazooAisuru Rieko Laleeta Xue

I suggest banning each and everyone of them. They all support mean and nasty attitudes that Minkamade does not condone.
This is the blog to go leave your thoughts on. I am on it and I am not happy. I knew where it happened too. In fact I know who did it. I just had feeling and wrote name down. I was right. Girls know this, guys are so stupid.

Go tell them they suck.


  1. You all are small minds. I only returned what you dished out. I wil start posting Boring avies. It will be easy as you all fit bill good.

    I was warned fashion police bad in SL I see they not wrong. To each her own. I like my basketballs thank you much.
    From looking at your photos I would be ashamed to leave your house in SL. Is mousey look new cool?

    You say you have style but I see boring boring boring. I live well. I make money. I am happy which is more than you all are it appears.

    I easy could delete posts but I not to let others see how mob like mind you are brainwashed to be.

    Tomorrow you come to MY sim for fashion show. I will be waiting for you.

  2. I was going to keep nasty people comments up but decided not to allow them to hurt my members with their hate after reading this. I have reported you all. It will not do any good but makes me feel better.

    Like I said I make very good living for fun in SL and stupid people like you will not stop me from enjoying.

    PS I have other sim. Store is only rented place for adult rank.