Saturday, December 19, 2009

Inspired again today!! - "Pink Taffy!"

I give you Pink and lots of it! Is called Pink Taffy and it was fun to make. It was also hard to make. Took many uploads to get it this close. Complete head to toe outfit. Sugar rush for sure hahaaa.

Here are pictures to look at. In store now! 30 day run only.

As with all MinkaMade products I include applicators for Multis Universals and Ecorps. I now try to make sure that Unis and Ecorps apply directly out of box correctly.
( I assume you have original texture numbers. )
On EDIT/texture tab in build you see
hori: 1.000
vertical : 1.000
next section (here) do not use!!! and don'y touch "apply" or you'll have to start over again.
Hori: 0.000
vertical : 0.000
Hopefully this helps.
I also can match any outfit you have that is not a busty girl outfit. Notecard me and I look at it to see if I can do for you. Prices vary 200-400L depending on time techincal and the bugg me factor. haaahaaa. I do enjoy doing. It is fun to see all new creation rezz first time. Never sure 100% what will look like until its on av.