Sunday, December 20, 2009

New outfit in store - Limited 6 only - "NotMe!"

Yes silly name I know, but it was I thought when all put together and naughty schoolgirl thought entered mind. Here is photos.

It is LIMITED run meaning only 6 boxes now. I have used older items to fill in store to start but that will end as I want only new items every week. Limited is limited and there won't be hundreds of the same floating around. (Some turned out so cute I didn't want to share, dirty secret. hehe. I saved for me.) Each one teaches more and more things about making clothes. I now see the mesh is very very bad for us.

Regular designers have it easy as they do not have to design whole outfits around implant setups. Is very hard to match. Even more so as many implant avies vary so much in size while fashion victims seem all same size basically. Easier to build and hold to look without stretching. Sorry I rambled there. :)

Hugs Minka./me waves to friends.