Friday, July 30, 2010

Mm just slept an am ready to work.

On the new sim BOOBYTROPOLIS! Yes We have it. Got it today at around 1pm. Worked on it for while but was to tired to work well. Took break and am now ready to make it all happen. Please not try to come visit yet as have access turned off until is ready. Lots and lots of work to do. x.x but am very excited.


Now the wait starts.

Put in last night for the new sim. Now have to wait to find out if can get it with name want or if will be priced in way can keep alive 6-7 months to start. thinking about making me a paid account preminum but not sure is worth it.
So while wait I went shopping and bought lots of the small stuff needed for sim. Plus made trestles to hold up. "something" :)
Also made minkamade Hairsticks! yeah. Here is picture of hairsticks.
Worked on tronish circut car and got to run better too. All not lost there. Then SL started spitting up and had major pains. Sent me to info hub instead of home 2 times. Quit then.
Oh bought neat trees too. :) and rocket couch. :) can see am grinning -> :)
Also read that LL is going into accounts and removing items passed out as noob stuff. Old skins and hairs and items. Went through account once but will check again. Not want a ban because some stupid skin never use is sitting in inventory. Suggest all do the same out there. ok yes?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

\o/ for no logins. (Made 3 more latex outfits)

Yes was crazy girl and just now made 3 more. Mmmm be worried for me. ok yes? Here is photo, -> red x here <- oh, no, can not because someone BROKE SL. grr. hihi. will have to watch in store then. Or group. Or 2 cans with string.
Since can not bring new photo I give you old photo. That was warm up place. Learned lots. Just wait.

Oh, btw. In case wondering.

Will open Boobytropolis AUG 7. (not 6) That is plan. save your self time and money to visit. Fireworks and all. :) topless is ok. fun required. Set to home and never leave muaah!

OH NOES who killed SL just now!??

Had 45 minutes to login to go buy furinture and set up offer to get sim and cannot do anything. Website and world is dead. Knew it, soon as Minka is done and ready poof, it all goes away. :(

Have located really neat furniture pieces for terminal lounge area plus pieces to go in store. Am extra not happy as was going to make a twin off sim prim mega building out of sculpt. grrr. Also need finish a few med items was in work.

Drew out some wild latex things while on bus this morning to store and back. Sure person next to me thought was crazy. haa. Since no fashion rules apply can be a crazy as want to be with this.

/me taps her fingertips and wonders how long to wait for second life today to go spend what little has left.
Oh got fish tank. Someone gave me link to place called XEN (zen?). Had just the perfect item. Look around and think maybe should sell more stuff of mine than just clothes. Not in store though. Maybe make xstreet box.
/me twiddles fingers more. Have been biting lip all morning worried about new sim and all problems to make run. Never made land cuts for space in air so will have to layout blocks and lower to ground to cut out around. (rental houses and the 8 vendor stores plus ROCKET)
/me runs hands through hair and makes sad noise. Will make groups today. will send out notecard in minkamade if want to join.

/me snarls.
This is it. Bye bye. will make a outfit in spare time. hihi.

YEAH! \o/ YEAH \O/\O/\O/\o/


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (omg am so tired can not describe it. Worked hard and long on this and think its going to be good. Almost threw up was so dizzy from concentrating an goingsteady clip, triple check everything btw, otherwise be done sooner.)

Let me repeat. AM DONE with making the 100! (107 now) YEAH!!!!! yes took three hours to box 12-15 items. Each one is boxed then retried on, fixed reboxed retried on until is right. SL keeps eating saves and not reverting to new update. Shakes fist at SL servers. haa. Now must sleep 1-2 hrs then off to day work. back later today to finsh loose ends then put in request for sim. O.O eek still scares me. haa.......
thud head on desk. hihi.

work coming along well And also added - LAB COAT to store lineup.

Have maybe 18 boxes left to do. Maybe be done yet today early. Just sneaked kitchen and got new mt dew and mixed with fruit punch. Am READY to go! hihi. Check back later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ahead of plan timeline. Is good yes? hihi

Today just now 5 minutes ago finished box number 68 of 105. Am going nuts with boxes and uuid# over and over and over again. Pull out hair and go crazy! eeek.
Am very much farther along than thought but not without sacrifice. Have been staying up all night and then staying up all day. Can not do much longer. Will need sleep day soon. Problem is am to EXCITED! :) Am so close now am afraid something will knock off course. Mostly worry about computer as is not doing well.

Here is new plan line. Finish all boxes today if kills me and just may. O.o Then am ready really to start the sim self. Still really need furniture if have some to spare or is copy. Is just so much all at once. Would help lots. Got a few items from 3 people and say thanks a bunch. A sim is big. and small. Depends on how one looks at it. Managed to locate a neat scripted rope to navigate underworld. Very dangerous down there! hihi. ( need scary scary animated monster Please if know of one ) ( No not have johnne jump out say boo. haa.

Boxing is bad but is good too as found many items that when building SL did not transfer texture to new pieces. So am fixing and rechecking every single piece ( is why is taking so long want it perfect , or close too.) Not sure if have room for all 100 out at once, will not know until final setup. last checked there was 80 booths downstairs. First few days will be trial. Making two groups. One for vendors another for Boobytopolis residents who rent Jetson houses. Maybe need make group too for Rocket. Have to many. Will look into more later.

PhatPharm and Preggo playground (PoPs?) Not forget you either. Both are ready basically, is up to members or players to take charge of area. Please Join minkamade for more information. One way or other boobytropolis will have a open group for chat and adds. Never thought project be so big. No wonder girl who has helped has said need lots of patience and work.

Will give shout out to all who supported idea once It launches. Don't forget to bring lawn chairs the first sat night as will have fireworks. (try to at least) Just please not make fun ok? Not me and certainly not of each other. That is pretty much all to say right now. Tired and taking break.

Hugs Minka.

ps ps, Really liked making that Latex and will do much much more. Like maybe busty dolls with head covers and maybe do sex dolls that are , oh, bad thoughts. :) won't say here. hihi.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ARTWORK is done! whew.......

Started after come home today at 6:30 PM is now. 5:00 AM. Worked nonstop to finish all boxes and posters and gallery items. All is done. \o/ No idea how happy makes me. hihi.

Now really long dull part. Need put all items into each box and set to sale and inventory it. To bad not have LM to boobytropolis but, If you bought already know how to find! lol. So am done for now. Am so tired in brain that can not see well. Really. Must take small break. Thought long hard tonight while drudge through make art panels about how run Rocket. Think best is to market it but let club run self like escort places do have checked on. Any bust or high slider girl can dance as long as has the club tag on and logins to the tip system. Would still love to have full time house manger but for now will split time between there and sim. Have watched escort city and is constant people and lookers. Think Boobytropolis can be same. Mostly though want have fun and see people wear clothes of MM. Not sim full of do nothing people.

I go now take break. Maybe try to start boxing later today. Once all boxed. That is it. Time to buy sim and set up and open. Tunnel train is very close now! Whoooooooowhoooooooooooooo. hihi.

PS will always have things to fix so not be hard on sim opening day ok yes? ty.
Oh. darn. just remembered need make Doc Grow outfit and labcoat outfit.
see, never done. lol.
Vendors NOW is time to ask about rentals.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

2011 - Bangcock Bargirl hihi, did not spell wrong, Was meant to be.

And thats it. Need only make Doc Grow lab coat. and am done. (for now)
whew am so so tired. Have many more ideas yet. Will have to wait for the first round of updated inventory to see. Maybe. hihi. Never do know. Am making on hush the first 4 limited limiteds. No pics on those until ready and out. Trust, will like much. Need now turn attention to boxing and setting up sim to open. And work, And school and omg Be 21 soon!!! yeah. ( can drink legal \o/ shhh. do not tell. lol. Can not wait to get back to Colorado! Mmmm:)

2011 - The Towel -"Got Wet?"

very simple to wear, will be size scripted is in two parts. Plus clothes layers. Must know how to fit prim parts to wear. No "attaching needed" just be able to size and nudge around to fit your particular shape. Will be value priced and fun to have for after those quick "shower times"

2011 - Cyber Dolly Queen pink in Latex

Moment to reflect

2011 - Seethru in Purple Latex

2011 - Seethru Latex in Aqua

ONLY 7 OUTFITS to MAKE to reach goal.

Have but 7 more to do. actually 5, yes made 100 outfits in 17 days. Tired. Eyes buggy. Hope is worth it and all like. Also decided will included Bunnihop and BE Girl from last year.

Those and only two want to include in new 2011 lineup. NO, repeat NO special limiteds ever offered again from past. Bunni and BEgirl where not limiteds. But personally like so much want them in 2011 store. Is my store they so can be hihi.
Loved busty nurse too but think can redo it and be better so will take that action instead later on in monthly updates.
Yes MinkaMade stock will rotate. Will not kill self doing it but store will not be stillwaters. (Can see new store is going to be to small already. groan.)

Now tonight wil be major brain push and work to do remaining 7. Please not bother or be upset if not reply or talk. Want a look? drop a notecard ASAP
This is plan.
Plans change.
but roadmap laid out and is good. When complete the upper sets will start boxing. is very close now. Can hear train in tunnel not just see it.


Boobytropolis is almost here! \o/ yeah. (be afraid?) hihi.

2011 - Cyber Dark Dollie in latex

Mmm good stuff! shiny and slick and flexi too.

2011 - seethru black (thus brown) latex

2011 - The Cubeism - warm and cuddly (winter outfit)

pssst ( 91 outfits done! ) (Am going to make goal today if kills me.) Black latex is next but turned browish with see thru. Not sure if like or not. You see and decide.

2011 - see thru latex - Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl is HOT! remind people that tattoos are in latex not skin!

2011 - Series of Latex items. Seethru REDLUST

I should add I installed the tattoo into the latex "skin" its not on the skin of avatar. Just made two more colors. let me get them sorted then will post. Then will make 3 fetish dollies today too. Decided to fight rather than complain. :) I do black too not worry. ttyl. (pink is next)

2011 - Dot 2 Dot shopping and hi fashion! hihi.

Can wear as just minidress too!

Am soooo ready to shop are you?