Thursday, July 22, 2010

And this makes 60! That is 6 - 0 new outfits ready to go. This one is called Fine Lace Corset tan/brown

Can be dress or can be just corset without skirt. or mix with pair of slacks. very interchangeable.
ONLY 40 left to make (whew seems lots yet) And then can start opening sim, maybe week early! hehe If you breast related vendor and feel you interested in one of 8 sim building spots LMK soon. Boobytropolis will be big. Much more than just Minka Made. Rent is not cheap but is all in one sim. So is worth it, I would even rent at such place. Will not be cold sterile place but place of fun and things to do. Hope all like! Accepting store rental applications from Breast / SIZE / Pregnancy / Vampire-Goth and anything Sci Fi makers. No resellers want original makers. Maybe one hair/shoe too. Not sure. Make your pitch why should be chosen.