Monday, July 19, 2010

Bangawoyo, Days end thoughts

Today only had 3 outfits so am just around 54/55 outfits done. One was very hard on this crappy computer @ home. Am 21 in 2 months, cannot wait. Mmm...
Things bug me now.
These are things that bother me at moment. Lots of worries and fears no one will like what am doing. Seems maybe need more work harder or maybe need time off to unstress. Really hope you like Boobytropolis as have put much effort into so far. Makes mad that so much time wasted just "looking" 4 pieces in SL shops that need (that cannot build) that maybe waste entire day a week in shopping trips for stuff.
Wanted rope steps, no need rope bridges for stringing out over um, "things" lol in underworld. Could not find any liked. Yes could maybe make own but am honest am so tired of making stuffs at moment.
Also have real life issues with school and this retarded job offer in seattle that is on off on off. People so not have act together. Am thinking of turning them down and return to Denver in sept for continued schooling classes per first plan. Folks will pay as they like that. Of course. Means I must come back home again after school before can find new job and place to live. Am impatient is all it is. Want it now. EEeeeeeep. Ok yes? hihi.

Then, look at stuff in real life and try to put together into second life. Maybe all pay off yet.
Not know how many read this day to day but can only hope few do. (a few do. better english)
Ummmmm brain haz the dumb right now so will stop. Ni Ni