Monday, July 19, 2010

Checking in before taking nap before school today.

Am now officialy Over half way done. Finished number #51 outfit just a bit ago. Also got all new belts and braclets tonight too. Steam punk, neko, gor and barbies. :) Played with them a while and will use them on #52-100 outfits. Clothes get more difficult from now on. So will go slower.

Am beat tired.

Hugs Minka.

edit to say BLAH. My old webcounter went belly up after only 27 days old,was over 4700 but not know exact but really matter not guess. hihi Links to some place in austrailia? lol ok. ticket please!

edit one more time.

btw was asked why not changed that video of girl in blue swimsuit. Is because she is 100% SL busty girl in flesh. Proof we are out there. hiding lurking, waiting to eat little red.. Oh wait that is big bad wolf, wrong story. :)