Thursday, July 15, 2010

And we now have 30.. I give you Elegant Affair

Is very sleek and sexy jumpsuit. Leg prims and rolled wrap collar are made prettier by neat busty and seperate non busty top. See photos.
On to sad but good news. Am to fly out Sat night 9:35 PM to begin new position (yeah paying job!) but will be while before have a computer than can run SL at all. Maybe not, do not know. Will have ALL real life stuff to get first just to live so computer will wait bit. (Do not want to buy cheapo like have now) Just saying there will be maybe only one or two more posts. Then if silent you know why.
Boobytropolis is 90% done so am not going to stop with plans. Will happen in fall one way or other even if have build on tiny 2 inch screen on phone app. LOL!!!!