Thursday, July 22, 2010

While surfing for ideas found this,240,page=4 Pic is about 3/4 down look for matching number. 06f5b9a6bf0f93daf etc....

This gif picture is exactly how my experimental Flexi Sculpt boobies behaved that made a week ago or so. Very rudely lol. Could not control bounce or direction well. Will try more later. But this is exactly how they worked and looked. impossible to put clothes on. ( tried attaching double layers and all went independent. - single layer ok and wow. but no good for public breasts.) Stand still or just walk slow and work perfect. super cool side AND updown bounce at same time even did the squish together too. (Thats when know am really walking fast rl)

hmm.. will not work. Wait one second I go find link. Oh sorry will not allow hot linkage. Use link above to find example make.