Thursday, July 8, 2010

Commited tonight to big buys

Purchased 25 new skirt designs some exclusive from sculpty maker. Combo part prim part sculpt part flexis. Also bought new sleeves and new cuffs and collars, will incorporate into all outfits in future. Am very happy with what see so far. Also Have been collecting large amounts of texture patterns. Will make normal clothes as well as hot stuff type. Also bought about every template known on face of planet. Am serious now. Watch out! :)

The make clothes itch is getting real bad with sim ready to launched. Now ony need to make the "100" and we ready to have fun! (actually is now only 97 hihi) Once start will be unstoppable and become clothes making machine. haa. Is how I am. Is mindset. It works or doesnt and right now my brain on fire with new ideas. SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Off to work I go, Sleep what is that?

PS Have been watching xstreet. Decided will not sell clothes there for reasons of time and item turnovers. (Am beginning think new store is to small already for what is in head.) Eeeep. Sim was so big and scary when started making now is not big enough.
I go now.
byes Hugs.
Tried turn on comments but it won't take. Will try again later.