Sunday, May 30, 2010

boobytropolis is going to rock on!

Here is mockup of one entry way to areas. Far from done, but wanted to show little bit. (Needs pipes and milk squirters and real bots installed. Was just fitting to see how it might look. )

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A sneak peak and some news.

Here is picture of a boobytropolis machine. Just wanted to post it because found out tonight may be gone from SL for very long time soon. Maybe all way to next year. Must move real life in 2 weeks to upper west coast region. Yeah for exciting move, new job and new learning but boo to not have home computor at all. O.o yes I not have any way to use SL am am broke and cannot buy desktop unit for me let alone connection fees.
At first thought turn down move and keep what little access I have but then decide that real life school beats secondlife. I have about 14 days to move if all goes as planned so will get as much done as possible as fast as can do.
(sim was about done in parts only, needed only to be put together.)

Am sad and excited. Am scared and feeling joy. Not really know what to think. Will not forget you all and will return when possible.

Keep reading here as will post as am able.
Hugs from Minka.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snuck some pictures just now!

Was finishing the "thing" for the PhatPharm section and Poppi was here with me so snapped a few pics to show am alive yet! Things are going well and on schedule.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Work on new place coming along.

Now have lots of new things secreted away. Finished a busty robot sentry model and made various sim sized building and goodies. Finished today the BOOBIETROPOLIS sign and looks cool! Has neon option too. I can not share photos as has to be suprise! Is very neat though. :)
/me waves bye for now.

Which should name be? Hmm
boobytropolis or

Im me with choice.

Also please remove the links to old sim on profiles if possible. ty.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New sim needs- PEOPLE!

I think lots on stuff Boobytropolis will need to be complete. Some things are certain vendors others are people. So I put out now need for following people to roleplay or work in Boobytropolis in the fall. Boobytropolis will be MinkaMade store of course but will also be spot to come play and live for fun.

Need follow peoples to inqure for spots.

4-6 living statue girls. - I supply skins and attachments for bodies to build living statues. This will be a locked down position and will become a fixture in the store and play area. Tipped is ok. Must be nudes and willing to modify to meet my needs. (busty or phat pharm models)

3-4 club managers - I have offers from two people to build strip club in their name or possible under me. Am considering leasing out or other arrangments, I will build club to match sim design, you just rent and staff or manage staff for me. Need managers for both Strip and manager for the busty social club area.

1 manager for PhatPharm. Must manage events, feedings/staff and things to do daily. Also perament feedees wanted to become stars. Think 3-4 people would do job well over 24 hrs. Will consider more. A Feedee must be on station 24/7. Tipped to eat ok. Must force eat if tipped as option if desire that sort position. No instant size change, must be slow day to day experience. More note later on details.

All staff needs to be dependable. Have seen how some never show up work. Dancers/Phat girls/Models receive private skyhouse and perks if wanted. Nothing fancy just place call home and change or get away.

4 Busty STAR models. - Work for free clothes. Ask Anneesha for details. 3 models max. Must be script avatar status while on display*.

Futa Bar. - unsure yet who will handle this if at all. Have look around and while busy seems fractured in use. Will think more on this one.

Believe sim will have also a Pregnant Playground. Not know name yet but that is handled by someone else, only build area to match. Staffing and otherwise not my decision. Store/vendor requests are still made to me though.

Escorts and things. Not going to get into that unless someone requests at this time. May end up inside the strip club is my guess if at all. This part is still under thought by me. I visited places like escort oasis and not impressed with what saw there. Convince me there is place for it and will do. Would love professional arrangment but myself not have time. My Clothes is still number one.

Free sex club area. -no. Not at this time of the sim areas listed above. Wrong type of customer makes for trouble.

Boobytropolis will not tolerate anyone hating on us or our customer choice of looks. Only thing not allowed are child avatars and age play. One warning is all before banning. Repeat, if over hear attack on persons report to me and person will be dealt with.
Boobytropolis is open to ALL (male and female) busty avatars from slider only shapes, Phat girls, Pregnant girls to mega size implant enabled girls. NH8

Monday, May 10, 2010

My first rough Busty Bot statues made.

Here is sneak peek of first try at statues for Boobytropolis. I am attempting to make into moving bots for fun purpose for guests. :)
Far from perfect yet. But I wanted show I am working on stuffs.

For record those are breasts I just sculpted sunday afternnon. They are unique as they are only ONE prim. :) Not perfect yet but need to get idea laid out first before waste time on things not needed.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pictures I got a picture!

The sender never referred their avatar name though. Only did state can use.
Farang Girls in Group

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm moved and settled in but all is not good.

Am fighting with parental units about SL in my spare time. I have little spare time it looks like and SL is not in the cards. If am in secondlife means will be very busy prepping new stuff for new sim. Turned off all friends check marks but not mean I don't like you. Just can not talk much.

So far begin making panels for walls of neon and making little screens for medical tables. Was going to go greens but maybe should be light electric blue? I go sneak about sl some to see what is used then do just opposite! :)

Hope all everyone is doing good! I have much to do. So much brain feels melted at times. I do not want to let you down.
I now have 6 outfits on drawing boards. I was told there are many new things out already in stores but I do my own design so not look at others as I get discouraged (?).
Look forward to getting all started.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The store is now closed.

I cried a little when started taking it apart but is all down now. I look forward to making all new place next fall. Hopefully can wow you all with neat look and things to do!
Will be looking for one club to move to island. Would be great idea to consider. hint hint. 8192 piece of sim is already spoken for. Other 1/2+ is mine. One 1/4 available for super new club ( I will design and install build, you just bring staff and fun. We all win)

There will be a mall as well but only for certain items I think should be introduced to boobtropolis to keep in style and spirit.

Idea for look is forming in my mind. As soon as I can see it I make sketch. I hope one sim is big enough! lol. I am leaning to steampunkiness maybe. Depends on how far 15000 prims stretch.

Send pictures I post all summer yet!
Send Ideas! No matter how crazy!