Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm moved and settled in but all is not good.

Am fighting with parental units about SL in my spare time. I have little spare time it looks like and SL is not in the cards. If am in secondlife means will be very busy prepping new stuff for new sim. Turned off all friends check marks but not mean I don't like you. Just can not talk much.

So far begin making panels for walls of neon and making little screens for medical tables. Was going to go greens but maybe should be light electric blue? I go sneak about sl some to see what is used then do just opposite! :)

Hope all everyone is doing good! I have much to do. So much brain feels melted at times. I do not want to let you down.
I now have 6 outfits on drawing boards. I was told there are many new things out already in stores but I do my own design so not look at others as I get discouraged (?).
Look forward to getting all started.