Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New sim needs- PEOPLE!

I think lots on stuff Boobytropolis will need to be complete. Some things are certain vendors others are people. So I put out now need for following people to roleplay or work in Boobytropolis in the fall. Boobytropolis will be MinkaMade store of course but will also be spot to come play and live for fun.

Need follow peoples to inqure for spots.

4-6 living statue girls. - I supply skins and attachments for bodies to build living statues. This will be a locked down position and will become a fixture in the store and play area. Tipped is ok. Must be nudes and willing to modify to meet my needs. (busty or phat pharm models)

3-4 club managers - I have offers from two people to build strip club in their name or possible under me. Am considering leasing out or other arrangments, I will build club to match sim design, you just rent and staff or manage staff for me. Need managers for both Strip and manager for the busty social club area.

1 manager for PhatPharm. Must manage events, feedings/staff and things to do daily. Also perament feedees wanted to become stars. Think 3-4 people would do job well over 24 hrs. Will consider more. A Feedee must be on station 24/7. Tipped to eat ok. Must force eat if tipped as option if desire that sort position. No instant size change, must be slow day to day experience. More note later on details.

All staff needs to be dependable. Have seen how some never show up work. Dancers/Phat girls/Models receive private skyhouse and perks if wanted. Nothing fancy just place call home and change or get away.

4 Busty STAR models. - Work for free clothes. Ask Anneesha for details. 3 models max. Must be script avatar status while on display*.

Futa Bar. - unsure yet who will handle this if at all. Have look around and while busy seems fractured in use. Will think more on this one.

Believe sim will have also a Pregnant Playground. Not know name yet but that is handled by someone else, only build area to match. Staffing and otherwise not my decision. Store/vendor requests are still made to me though.

Escorts and things. Not going to get into that unless someone requests at this time. May end up inside the strip club is my guess if at all. This part is still under thought by me. I visited places like escort oasis and not impressed with what saw there. Convince me there is place for it and will do. Would love professional arrangment but myself not have time. My Clothes is still number one.

Free sex club area. -no. Not at this time of the sim areas listed above. Wrong type of customer makes for trouble.

Boobytropolis will not tolerate anyone hating on us or our customer choice of looks. Only thing not allowed are child avatars and age play. One warning is all before banning. Repeat, if over hear attack on persons report to me and person will be dealt with.
Boobytropolis is open to ALL (male and female) busty avatars from slider only shapes, Phat girls, Pregnant girls to mega size implant enabled girls. NH8