Sunday, May 2, 2010

The store is now closed.

I cried a little when started taking it apart but is all down now. I look forward to making all new place next fall. Hopefully can wow you all with neat look and things to do!
Will be looking for one club to move to island. Would be great idea to consider. hint hint. 8192 piece of sim is already spoken for. Other 1/2+ is mine. One 1/4 available for super new club ( I will design and install build, you just bring staff and fun. We all win)

There will be a mall as well but only for certain items I think should be introduced to boobtropolis to keep in style and spirit.

Idea for look is forming in my mind. As soon as I can see it I make sketch. I hope one sim is big enough! lol. I am leaning to steampunkiness maybe. Depends on how far 15000 prims stretch.

Send pictures I post all summer yet!
Send Ideas! No matter how crazy!