Sunday, May 23, 2010

A sneak peak and some news.

Here is picture of a boobytropolis machine. Just wanted to post it because found out tonight may be gone from SL for very long time soon. Maybe all way to next year. Must move real life in 2 weeks to upper west coast region. Yeah for exciting move, new job and new learning but boo to not have home computor at all. O.o yes I not have any way to use SL am am broke and cannot buy desktop unit for me let alone connection fees.
At first thought turn down move and keep what little access I have but then decide that real life school beats secondlife. I have about 14 days to move if all goes as planned so will get as much done as possible as fast as can do.
(sim was about done in parts only, needed only to be put together.)

Am sad and excited. Am scared and feeling joy. Not really know what to think. Will not forget you all and will return when possible.

Keep reading here as will post as am able.
Hugs from Minka.