Monday, July 5, 2010

Boobytropolis lives! (soon lol)

Finished much of Musem tonight. Whew was very confusing keeping all cup sizes straight. I think will like very much. :)

Next up am working on pro photo studio arangment for myself and customers in main store. Bought very nice adjustable lighting units (ouch need to sell some clothes soon!!) and quick made a simple backdrop as ran out of time. Took some pictures. Know sound like scratched record but can not wait! :) Gave Bart my Hud From Raygun and will get a beter scripted for RP one back. Also am looking for goth furniture, new or used. (no stolen please) If have some let me know k yes? Still want Big fish tank. Like in neon blue or chrome. Possible orange maybe yellow.

Want fireworks person for opening day. If have experience in this send me notecard. Want to do 3 shows.
Also looking for Mimes or street performers. Know any send my way!
k hugs

oh.. herr derr, Pictures. Here you go.