Friday, July 16, 2010

2011 - Black Flash (is good yes?)

Is very sharp. Know say that a lot but it is. Hope all is liking what they see so far! Am thinkng up long gown ideas while doing these minis. Also will do maybe 5 more superheroines. Those are fun. People were to send me ticket to go sat night but never got one word today. SO keep making clothes and stay on schedule. Who knows, Maybe heard was hypermatic person. yip yip yip. lol. Decided to not have me come. Is ten cans of mountain dew a day to many? jitter jitter!!!

Now have 40 outfits ready to go. Am happy for that but omg. 60 more sounds like so many to do. My photoshop is so tired of modify and erase and throw away and start over lol. The top only section (15 tops) will go pretty fast Have 4 lined up all need do is make it when turn comes.