Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ahead of plan timeline. Is good yes? hihi

Today just now 5 minutes ago finished box number 68 of 105. Am going nuts with boxes and uuid# over and over and over again. Pull out hair and go crazy! eeek.
Am very much farther along than thought but not without sacrifice. Have been staying up all night and then staying up all day. Can not do much longer. Will need sleep day soon. Problem is am to EXCITED! :) Am so close now am afraid something will knock off course. Mostly worry about computer as is not doing well.

Here is new plan line. Finish all boxes today if kills me and just may. O.o Then am ready really to start the sim self. Still really need furniture if have some to spare or is copy. Is just so much all at once. Would help lots. Got a few items from 3 people and say thanks a bunch. A sim is big. and small. Depends on how one looks at it. Managed to locate a neat scripted rope to navigate underworld. Very dangerous down there! hihi. ( need scary scary animated monster Please if know of one ) ( No not have johnne jump out say boo. haa.

Boxing is bad but is good too as found many items that when building SL did not transfer texture to new pieces. So am fixing and rechecking every single piece ( is why is taking so long want it perfect , or close too.) Not sure if have room for all 100 out at once, will not know until final setup. last checked there was 80 booths downstairs. First few days will be trial. Making two groups. One for vendors another for Boobytopolis residents who rent Jetson houses. Maybe need make group too for Rocket. Have to many. Will look into more later.

PhatPharm and Preggo playground (PoPs?) Not forget you either. Both are ready basically, is up to members or players to take charge of area. Please Join minkamade for more information. One way or other boobytropolis will have a open group for chat and adds. Never thought project be so big. No wonder girl who has helped has said need lots of patience and work.

Will give shout out to all who supported idea once It launches. Don't forget to bring lawn chairs the first sat night as will have fireworks. (try to at least) Just please not make fun ok? Not me and certainly not of each other. That is pretty much all to say right now. Tired and taking break.

Hugs Minka.

ps ps, Really liked making that Latex and will do much much more. Like maybe busty dolls with head covers and maybe do sex dolls that are , oh, bad thoughts. :) won't say here. hihi.