Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bought some statues for props. The shoot started ok but then. Something happened.

It started innocent enough.

But some strange force compelled me to take off my top. Felt hot and flushed like breathing hard. A spider brushed my arm and freaked out! Entangled became and as stuggled my skin grew tighter and tighter.

Was forced to the ground as looked at self as big pillows on chest begin to swell. Eyes was wide as plates! Nipples where bigger.

Was stuck. OMG Big tits lay on legs and could not really move. But managed to get up and perch on top stage. Good thing as boobs so heavy they stretched way way out. Wished hard. Please go back to old size!

I cried.

But, my wish came true as woke up from trance like thing to find myself half naked on floor and very horny. Shoot is over. Go away.

hugs by Minka.
(click on pics for BIG pic)