Friday, July 30, 2010

Now the wait starts.

Put in last night for the new sim. Now have to wait to find out if can get it with name want or if will be priced in way can keep alive 6-7 months to start. thinking about making me a paid account preminum but not sure is worth it.
So while wait I went shopping and bought lots of the small stuff needed for sim. Plus made trestles to hold up. "something" :)
Also made minkamade Hairsticks! yeah. Here is picture of hairsticks.
Worked on tronish circut car and got to run better too. All not lost there. Then SL started spitting up and had major pains. Sent me to info hub instead of home 2 times. Quit then.
Oh bought neat trees too. :) and rocket couch. :) can see am grinning -> :)
Also read that LL is going into accounts and removing items passed out as noob stuff. Old skins and hairs and items. Went through account once but will check again. Not want a ban because some stupid skin never use is sitting in inventory. Suggest all do the same out there. ok yes?

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