Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hi everybody. Progress report!

Finished a lot of the sim this week and took it back down last night. Am now working on the Museum and starting underworld next. Museum will feature hundreds and hundreds of busty beauties plus its own relaxation chamber to "grow" into if so inclined. More later.

Need following items if have them available and want share. Maybe a fishtank? Maybe also a few sets of chairs or couches (not free ones, have lots of those.) Also need lead on scripted combat system and horses. Not know if will use them or not but need to know in case decide to use for a day event.

Need lots of gothic anything!! hihi.

Need people mostly who will want to work the sim. Museum helpers. (get custom robe outfit like monks)
Am thinking new ideas ever few minutes now. Brain on fire. Clothes ideas like crazy! Can not wait to start making them again.

Uh, Need lead on spanking chairs?spanking rods? animations or furniture for LAB.