Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ideas just keep happening! Futuretech!

Here is Futuretech Series Black/pink.
Comes in both pants (with prim leg parts) short sculpted skirt and glitch pants. The long pants use new prim pockets as seen notice below. The top is ever slighty see thru so you can just make out the curve of your breasts inside. Head to toe outfit also has cute HAT to go with. Again see photo! ONLY 6 boxes total on this. New items won't be recyced like a few older ones were to restart store. Already have condemed a few to linden grave yard forever.

See the cute hat below? Only comes with outfit. Not sold seperate.
ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BOXES ! Take them if originals!
ON sale in LOWER LEVEL (run out room on top) O.o eeek.