Friday, December 25, 2009

Later today I begin making sculpts for breast parts.

I have few ideas that I want try. I know can attach parts to own breasts but teach customers do it is to much. I try to design entire breast systems from scratch, simple "just wear" item that can be swapped for different looks or feels.

Is hard to explain. Some is been done so I need think of new twist. Others have no done yet so I keep secret till ready. Will take much much work and fitting. Maybe not profitable to do? I need be careful I not neglect new items. I have store well outfitted now. But come middle month of Jan everything down stairs will cycle out goodbye. Don't asume all will be forever. Notice Army Brat is gone. Is to bad was cute outfit I thought. But is back inventory again. Maybe forever.
I now have over 110 outfits in inventory I make. If do one a day is 365 a year. Much to many?
I need learn to better my work. We all benefit then. I need digital camera badly. Santa not bring one. :( . Then could do own clothes designs and take pictures. I look around maybe find way cheap yet.
If I busy in studio make sculpts I can not talk is very detailed work. I try not be rude but I won't be talk much.

Merry christmas All.
XOXO Minka
/me winks to special persons.