Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something big this way comes.

I have very, very big news coming soon! Hopefully in day or two depending on when I get next set of outfits ready. I think those that followed MinkaMade be very excited. Watch here for second life teaser pictures!
On other note I single again. I will step up dancing at Weshs place when I am able too. I still not think I escort but lap dances are ok. If I online and don't answer, may be because I use photoshop to make new art. So please not have tude if I cannot get back right away. A few people have caused me to write this notice form.
Classes are almost over soon, So I can work more on this a lot. Plus I start my english study harder so I not so hard to understand.

Luv and hugs Minka.

(I wish I tell you secret but I not, it is not ready yet.) :)

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