Friday, April 22, 2011

Summertime outlet store is open

Made setup a part time store for summer months. Am not really making clothes again (although may make one or two) and discounted the entire inventory some. You can find the sim in search - minkamade. or easier in my slworld profile in my PICKS.

Everything is out except those special items and some of the customs and limited limteds, those are still and will remain history.
All the Busty, preggie, and size avatars are out as well. Went into the preggie stuff and made items in the boxes mod enabled. There seems be big increase in preggie related stuff lately and may make a few sculpted bellies in Max to sell, or contract out. (sculpt versions, I dont know whats happened to mesh introduction)

Schools about out for now, but am taking a summer course or two in more modeling.
Maybe will have time now to box up some of the boobytropolis stuff to put on marketplace. Time is so tight. Sorry for being gone so long.

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