Monday, August 30, 2010

Just want to say.

SL is the SUK tonight. OMG what is wrong with it!?!?!? (is not just Boobytropolis. My empty temp work sim is just as bad.)
BTW thanks to all who had fun yesterday, we had best ever traffic stats and sim is only 2+ weeks old. (13/14,000 traffic) 'Days of SIZE' is going be HUGE! If SL not SUK that day. Again thanks to all who stopped in. Will make free busty shirts for us with all you on the front. Tshirt syle. If you have pics send them!

ALSO Men are most welcome on sim, just do not get to pushy, we can shoot back here.. hihi.

New Clothes- BAR WENCH

Killed my post counter again. was almost at 6000

Anyone have link for free webtools? counter etc.

Set up the rental boxes on Sim (float text too so can see rates/prims)

Boxes are all marked now. simple pay box send me notice and I tell you how to rezz properly so not get items returned! O.o lol Usual rules no spammers no auto givers etc. Keep stuff neat and inside box area (12x12s) Send me logo and I put on sign for you. Easy. We had around 14,000 traffic yesterday and had fun doing it. ( I did and think most did)
SUNDAY coming up!- Days of SIZE. Big AVS, BIG BIG BIG BOOBS everywhere. Maybe play for once, act out be funny. Should be great great time.
BLIMP FLOAT GIRLS. Two person teams make best floating girl/handler design. Money award (will announce late week) Find partner and Be BLIMP GIRL! We will have PARADE of BLIMPS sometime Sunday afternoon. Maybe a few times!

COMING EVENT! Added new event For Sim will work in soon, Movie Star day! Movie star day will be red carpet - limos - awards and contest that pays 5000L to best movie star couple. Must pair up in twos (sex not matter) and try to show a movie star look (with boobs for girls of course! hihi) More later!

NOTICE: Rocket will begin Hump Day events! Every wednesday. This week is Lady in RED day! Best in red for day gets 200L prize, use contest board to enter. Tips allowed to increase pot.

NEWSFLASH: Was Vivox Chat p0wned by Emerald Developers

quoted -- Was Vivox Chat p0wned by Emerald Developers? The Alphaville Herald

The short version: Jaycool and Ph0x were able to gain access to the administrative workings of the Vivox voice service. This enables them to listen to any conversation, anywhere on the grid, INCLUDING private estates such as Linden owned sims.

Additionally, using a "rogue sim" exploit, the two criminals were able to gain access to any user's computer, and download any file they wished.

Here's a short snippet of skype chat, where Hazim Gazov explains the rogue sim exploit in a little more detail. Some names have been changed.
[8:50:12AM] : o wow I didn't know they could listen in without being seen, I mean I thought only lindens could do that
[8:50:59 AM] : Plastic Duck: jcool was abusing the shit out of that one
Plastic Duck: to download files from peoples computers heh

[8:51:20 AM] hazim: yeah
[8:51:27 AM] hazim: the rogue sim thing + requestxfer
[8:51:30 AM] : What was he able to download?
[8:51:34 AM] hazim: anything on the computer
? The Alphaville Herald
-- end quoted
Beside usual drama would have with voice on sim, this is reason enough to never use it, to NEVER use emerald and to clean from your computer NOW if foolish enough to continue using. Maybe you not have dime and not matter but if you have money and bank account linked to it is foolish to trust script kiddies. I not want see you wake up one day to find someone overnight raided banks around the world. That is kind of news you not want to be part of.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MAJOR picture load - people are sending them in from todays event.

MORE pictures later!

Fun at the SIM! and upgrade too!

Flying saucers! UFOS mega monster boobi girls! its crazy out there today! Last night spent close to 10 hrs updating the center section. And is paying off. Here are a few pics of survivors who got out alive.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sci FI day is Sunday event

Look for crashed flying saucer, free robot avatars like in store being given out as well as rayguns that shoot green little rays. (I made) Also will have pretend starwar err, star battle on sim. Details Saturday as finish up ideas.

The sunday after that is Days of SIZE. Am confirmed the big big girls are coming to play. also welcome the SSBBWs to join in as well as super bustys. Should be very interesting day.
(NEEDED 4 AVATARS to be part of center sim SIZE sculpture, need ecorp breast to make work.) This is statue work. Tips for you 100%

Am trying best to think of ideas to make fun. Have idea? One that is able to do?
One Idea have is Movie star day, Make yourself into favorite movie star, except be busty one hihi. In fact like Movie star day idea so much will be event day after last one on sign. Bank on it.

Boom day: Will clear the sim and put all people in welcome center, then with drop down sim announcment everyone wil rush to go to sim and login the rock thrower/shoot game and go to town blasting things. (very laggy so strip down as much as possible this day.)
High score winner after three heats gets 3000L Second place gets 1000L 3/4 get 500L each.

Will run three heats, twice in the 24hr day (1 set of three nights / 1 set of three days - so 6 total). Highest combined total of player for the three games wins. THEN, Would love to see high score of each set of heats (time zones) battle it out alone for top prize. Will announce time for heats as soon as a fair schedule is figured out.

Fashion show is open to all makers, you supply your own models and managment of them. Look for show time to best meet both sides of planets timeslots. No hard judging or contests, just

Did mention we need dancers?
We do.

Some thoughts on things.

Have sat and watched sim happenings this week and am concerned that since newness is gone that sim not being used as well could be. Could easy put store on homestead for 60K less a month so show me reason that you enjoy Boobytropolis. Maybe is still new, Maybe because think if rebuilt it could do better, but am not all happy with it in every corner. Will think some on this more. May do center of sim redesgin in secret and then change it all in one afternoon.
Also we need dancers to step up and start showing at Rocket. Rocket is 927 prims there and can be used for other things if no one is going to make effort. Again will think more on this. Am not a good people manager so need some help. Also with rents. There is only 48 hr grace after which time you have stuff returned. 48 hrs is lots. people tell me 24 is plenty. Please don't make me be mean and kill your sex bed.
Now for SL itself. Please, if rezz on sim when done take prims with you. Is priviledge to rezz and use things so not abuse. ok yes?
thank you.

Very off the wall avatar, Pink Baby Mamma

This was not a planned item but rather something that just "happened" (really) Was about to make something else when something was said in a chat and said Hmm self, what if? and Baby Mamma was born. As it is came out pretty sharp. Is down stairs in store now. PoP people should like it.

clothes: Baby Blue cute shirt top with bonus jeans.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010