Friday, August 6, 2010

Is close! The MinkaTrain is almost here.

The tunnel is opening and the express train is pulling in. MinkaMade opens tomorrow on sim Boobytropolis. \o/ has been long hard work squeezing in plus rl.

Finish final touches today except LL is doing some wierd stuff now and keeps lagging out everything everywhere so stoped a while. Is not the sim is LL/SL. Finished setting up group signs, BUSTOUT mag stuff, renamed chairs and walked entire sim on end to other and fixed seams texs and shades. Am sure missed some but is really looking nice. Added sounds to many place so is not just on screen but in ear too.

Got VIP barrier to work for group only.will need think on that how is going to be done. Have no more group slots. Will think something. before tomorrow eeeep.

Will set up fireworks later today when get back. Fireworks show tomorrow night sometime. So. That is it. am almost there. Store is ready. will rearange thing ssome later but is good and works now. (want to get back to make clothes soon. Have many ideas)

Got Doctor Grows lab setup fair. Needs little attention and flash yet but works. Maybe tonight can address that. MMmm much more but for now that is good. Bye to all. please- pass this along we are opening. Say we because feel is everyones sim not just mine.

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