Thursday, August 19, 2010

Think I have first girl crush. And is strange for me as not ever had this before.

Stepped back to look at sim and blog postings and realize am very Beshine supporter. Only hope she can keep those in control as if where mine would need body guard 24/7 because pervs and whackies bother me now as is. Hope she stays fit and not get fat too.
Latest picture here (below) is causing strange thoughts and change perspective on own lookout for self image. As have gather her look is from years of build up, mine was in 3 months and freaked me the hell out. Maybe get brave and post personal pics here. Not decide yet. Right now am safe and not known. Am nowhere near Beshine with just F cup but am thin (1/2 asian side) and manage a tan and boobs yet.( 1/2 white dad side).
Here is awesome Beshine photo.

Beshine site on the right ---> over here. If had cash would join. What is wrong with me! ? hihi. SL is corrupting me I swear. Walk round now seeing things and go oh that shelf has to many prims. hihi or try to jump/fly (ok wish) and When look in mirror think SL boobs and wonder. Then look at PBD in video here and think is me with just the will to do. Hmm am confused.

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