Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday is HuMoo and Milk day.

Gather best MOO COW look with big boobies or small or ?? 4 or more hihi. Come graze in elevated pasture setting in main sim. Will have Free Moo avatar to hand out to all who attend. (Must attend not hand out in group. Has skin, ears, hooves -hand and foot - tail and udders.)
Buy 0L box will be in store sat night so can fix to make your own look.

Need cowgirls to help keep moos alert and attentive and happy moos. :) (anyone have nursing or milking products to lend appreciate use for event. ty) Is your business a MooCOw or Milk related. Will have one day ONSPOT vendor booths @ 5 prims for 25L available for moo related business only.

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