Thursday, August 19, 2010

I got MORE photos tonight! And wow are better than I can take.

The RLV throws me to the bed of the machine and the lights begin to fliker as they dance around me. I feel a tingle and is not bad. I hear voice tell me to buckle up and enjoy the ride. I look around. "Where is car?"

A snicker is all hear as throbbing in head and now chest increases. That is funny I not remember doing laundry this week, this top is really tight and might... POP! oh crap...........

Hmmm. Not a bad size I think this may be ok afterall.
Bbbzbbbbzbbbzzzzzzzzzzzbbzzzzzzzz - Hey wait!

I feel like old faithful.

"Your evil" I cry out No more! NO MORE!

HELP turn it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I done now, someone help me up?
Big thank you to Boobytropolis resident who took these pics of me on sly hihi! Need new computer so so bad! Is not funny. At least look like skin matches not badly.
Send more photos!
Oh and SUNDAY is Miss Hottness and the OPENING of ROCKETS first official day. Have hired 4 new professional dancers so far, plus all busty Divas can dance too for tips as freelance. Impress the Rockettes and may become one too!

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