Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boobytropolis first day went well.

Only few small Problems and most fixed. Saw need for following thing
  • - parachute giver to parachute off the welcome center.

  • - a better way to mark or map which way things are.

  • - a hint where underworld entrance is

Had fun though and hope all did too. tomorrow (today) fix the color of stairs, the little bot cube under one taxi and maybe add ground arrows for directions.

pictures! yeah. here are two. Will post more stuff when wake up.


  1. Minka,

    Nicely done! Boobtropolis is awesome! You've put so much of your heart into it and it really shows.

    Thank you for sharing it all with us.


  2. Your welcome Fran. It was quite the chore. If was deleted do not know if have strength to make again.

  3. Congratulations, Minka! I came at the very end of the party and was able to mingle for a moment. Already purchased a couple of your outfits. I love the Sassy Sash! Wonderful! :)