Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boring legal type stuff in notes.

Here notes are of items of interest. These will be available in the terminal and in the main plaza as well.

Looking to rent a space or home at Boobytropolis?

Is easy.

ONE- find the spot you like.

TWO- Pay the box

THREE- IM /Notecard me Minka Pearl or MinkaToo Pearl with name / location / and product.

ALL homes are 350 a week and 100 prims. You get non temp rezz BooBi flyer to leave at your doorstep, a sexbed and a great view. The flyer is important as is best way to get around. ALL homes have ground level entry with lounge area that can be decorated or not. You may place a security orb on home as long as access is set for myself and other estate managers.

Store rentals. One store nearest MinkaMade and the stairs is 350/50, the rest are 300 a week with 50 prims. Scattered about the sim are smaller 10 prim booths at 50L a week. Each has box. That is all. IF is not a big store is 50L a week. Easy to remember. Anticipate the 8 bigger stores to go quick. First come first serve.

Rental boxes will tell you of near due date. Unpaid rented booths after 48hours are evicted unless prior arrangements made.

SKYBOX for PhatPharm is by hour only. Same for SKYBOX for VIP at ROCKET. Pay the TP pads.


Want to Dance here at the ROCKET? Is as easy as ONE TWO THREE. If can understand my talk.

ONE: - Join the MINKA MADE group. Look for join box near front door or at Main store. Join and wear tag. If want a special dancer only tag send notecard to Minka Pearl and will assign to you asap. OK yes?

TWO- Got tag? Now only need have the look. Need not be implant girl but should make effort to appear busty as possible if not. Dress is up to you. New girls are allowed to dance as well. As Olders and other club girls. Only older, 2-3 months or more, avatars are allowed to be House Managers. Am looking for one to run Rocket so can put more time into new latex lines of clothes.

Three - Login in to the tip stars on the pole next to the main stage. Find a empty pole and dance away. No pole dancing without stars! Tp in friends have fun. Will run weekly Sunday events and will have sim DJ as well.

That is all there is too it.

Here is list of people to try to get hold of if need help.

Minka Pearl - Me the owner of Boobytropolis

MinkaToo Pearl - My hard working double Who was just made yesterday.

Poppi Button - Dedicated to make happen, has helped lots in finding parts and gathering for me. Make some scripts for me or put together for me to figure out final.

Ciera Spyker - Runs PoP place across the sim. Has said will help run Rocket when I not around.

Eckcess Charisma- Girl who assisting in running the Phat Pharm. Has power to ban so be nice to her.

Muse Mint - who consider close friend actually have many friends mostly this note is for new to scene girls.


OPENING day is set for Sat. Also heard Bart is releasing scritped update that day too.

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