Monday, August 30, 2010

Set up the rental boxes on Sim (float text too so can see rates/prims)

Boxes are all marked now. simple pay box send me notice and I tell you how to rezz properly so not get items returned! O.o lol Usual rules no spammers no auto givers etc. Keep stuff neat and inside box area (12x12s) Send me logo and I put on sign for you. Easy. We had around 14,000 traffic yesterday and had fun doing it. ( I did and think most did)
SUNDAY coming up!- Days of SIZE. Big AVS, BIG BIG BIG BOOBS everywhere. Maybe play for once, act out be funny. Should be great great time.
BLIMP FLOAT GIRLS. Two person teams make best floating girl/handler design. Money award (will announce late week) Find partner and Be BLIMP GIRL! We will have PARADE of BLIMPS sometime Sunday afternoon. Maybe a few times!

COMING EVENT! Added new event For Sim will work in soon, Movie Star day! Movie star day will be red carpet - limos - awards and contest that pays 5000L to best movie star couple. Must pair up in twos (sex not matter) and try to show a movie star look (with boobs for girls of course! hihi) More later!

NOTICE: Rocket will begin Hump Day events! Every wednesday. This week is Lady in RED day! Best in red for day gets 200L prize, use contest board to enter. Tips allowed to increase pot.

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