Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some BIG news and expectations. Hiring Dancers.

First off the milking stuff has been moved to LAB area. Be warned one item is RLV (only 10 minutes) Next news is purchased one most unique lapdance romance sex chairs in SL. Is in VIP room now of Rocket. Please do not be in there non attended by a RocketGirl dancer.

Next is Bigger news. ROCKET has its OWN TP /LM point now. Yes go to the taxi pad area and stand just on the step above it and set a LM. Will take you right to the club from now on. The club is still on Boobytropolis land but the landing spot is tiny 64m square. Won't get any traffic on it but not care. Is just landing spot. hihi.

Next up is installed a line of lap dance booths like strip club in vegas. (dont ask) Over 15 poles and 4 outside booths and a pole and 3 chairs in VIP. Tipstars are up and are ready to go. Next discussed with possible partner (male) about getting started. Decision was made to pay a weekly bouns for hrs put in. So, here is decision. Will pay xxxxL" to the hired dancers for every 24 hrs of service on clock. Freelance dancers still get all tips but no bonus until approved for advancment to House Rocket Girl.
Hired Dancers get special VIP tag from new VIP ONY group. This is group that will get you and your customer male or female into VIP room/ room as has locking forceshield. There will be rules about dancing on the clock. One is NO AWAY. Expect a reply if walk in club and say hello people. Second is no direct tipping. Know it happens and have idea will continue. All does is hurt everyone in long run. Only take small percent. Why cheat? If find out not only ban from Rocket but Sim ban as well.

This bonus pay plus tips make nice weekly bonus check. Me/I, Minka is running this. Mans name may or may not be released but is very interested in making this work. Either way we all win. Open recruiting and application will be accepted as of this posting. Am taking both busty and NON BUSTY= high slider shape girls. Limit on hires and not all will be accepted.

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